130 x 184mm -- 46 pages -- Risograph printed -- paperback -- saddle stitched

A ghoulish orb named ‘The Will- O’-The-Wisp’ flickers from the wick of Earth’s lantern in the midst of a barren void. The glimmer offers salvation to the hopeless, wayward traveller in the form of a point of reference. Disguised as The Northern Star or a guardian angel, the bioluminescent ghost is born from the oxidation of phosphine (PH3), diphosphane (P2H4) and methane (CH4), which is released from the decay of organic matter. Like a mosquito to a zapper, the hopeful traveller is drawn towards the glowing siren, who hovers over deep bogs, swamps and marshes. Here the traveller’s journey concludes, feeding the ghostly light.

The Will o’ the Wisp was printed by Risograph

JMKE | The Will o' the Wisp

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